Some driving habits are not only annoying, they are also illegal.
Some driving habits are not only annoying, they are also illegal. AlexanderNovikov

12 annoying things you do on the road: What it will cost you

GOING by our conversation in the office, the morning drive to work seems to elicit the worst in a bunch of bad drivers on the Northern Rivers.

From driving too fast, to driving too slow - other people's driving seems to be one topic on which everyone seems to have an opinion.

Here is a list of the Top 12 road habits that drive us nuts, and, according to the Roads and Maritime list of general driving offences, what you'll be charged if you get caught doing it.

  • Tailgating will set you back $439 (hello impatient BMW driver)
  • If you flick your lights on and off to try to tell me to get out of your way (hello again impatient BMW driver), or in any other manner not prescribed, you'll be forking out another $110
  • Driving too slow can cost you $257, and will really annoy Bec
  • Not giving way will cost you $330, and you'll annoy everyone
  • Not indicating will cost you $183, see above
  • Not giving way to the vehicle ahead when merging, $330
  • Driving too close to a bicycle - that's $330 and you will incur the wrath of Alison
  • Cyclists riding more than two abreast, $330
  • Not picking up something you've dropped on the road, $439
  • Using the phone whilst driving, you'll cop a $330 fine and a nasty look from the editor
  • Not keeping left of centre on two-way road, $110
  • Not getting out of the way of an emergency vehicle is something we all find extremely annoying, and cost you 439. They are on their way to help someone, get out of their way people.

Some other fines you might need to be aware of:

  • Getting stuck in a tunnel will cost you a hefty $2270
  • Driving without lights on in the dark, or failing to dim your lights will cost you $110
  • Driving with an animal on your lap, $439
  • Leading an animal whilst driving, $73
  • Not wearing a helmet, or a seatbelt, $330
  • Driving with your arm out the window, $330
  • Travelling in the boot of a car, $330
  • Alighting from a moving car, $330
  • Driver splashing mud on bus passengers cops a $183 fine
  • Holding onto a moving vehicle (wheeled device/toy) will get you a $73 fine and is incredibly dangerous
  • Riding a bicycle furiously (?) will cost you $439
  • Not using a pedestrian crossing will cost you $73
  • Using a horn unnecessarily will cost you $330
  • Fancy doing a burnout? better have $659 ready
  • Driving with sound system emitting offensive noise will set you back $200 and hopefully rid us of ever having to hear Celine Dion ever again
  • And, the biggest fine on the list of general driving offences (excludes speeding) if for corporations failing to supply the name and address of a person incurring a camera detected speeding fine in a work car for the second time. It will cost your boss $3732.