Geoff Hannah shows off The Hannah Cabinet to the spellbound public as part of a fundraising campaign to raise $1 million to
Geoff Hannah shows off The Hannah Cabinet to the spellbound public as part of a fundraising campaign to raise $1 million to "bring the cabinet home" as part of the gallery's permanent collection.

$1 million Hannah Cabinet to stay where it belongs

IT IS the news many art lovers have been waiting for; the Hannah Cabinet is finally safe and secure in local hands.

The group responsible for trying to keep the iconic cabinet, the Hannah Cabinet Acquisition Team, yesterday celebrated the announcement their $1 million goal had finally been reached.

Team member Brian Henry said through the team's efforts, the community had raised the $1 million needed to purchase the cabinet.

Mr Henry said with the cabinet on loan only until December 31 this year, securing the money means the cabinet will now stay permanently at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

"We believe this is great news for Australia, for regional areas and for Geoff," Mr Henry said.

"This will ensure the cabinet will remain a signature piece of the gallery's collection. It's good for Lismore and the economy."

Cabinet creator Geoff Hannah said he was "very pleased" to see the cabinet's future secure in local hands, and said he was glad it would stay where it was created.

Mr Henry said he believes this will be the first time a piece of art valued at $1 million will be on permanent display in regional Australia.

"This one will remain in Australia, rather than losing it overseas to Europe like the last one," he said.

Mr Hannah's previous big piece, the Australiana Cabinet, was bought by a private investor and now resides in Belgium.

Lismore Regional Gallery director Brett Adlington said the cabinet, which had been on display since October 2017, had helped to draw countless visitors to the gallery.

"It has been a major drawcard for us," he said.

"I know it will bring people to the gallery to see the Cabinet for generations to come."

The Hannah Cabinet took six-and-a-half years to make, has 92 drawers and includes 34 types of timber, four rare species of shell, and 17 types of precious and semiprecious stones.

At the announcement, Mr Hannah took the opportunity to reveal of the cabinet's famed secret compartments; one which showcases a piece of fabric from Marie Antoinette's Versailles bedroom.

He said the cabinet continues to hold more secrets, and he said would reveal more in time.